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The Ukulele Orchestra of Kamloops (UOK) would like to welcome to you our web page. If you enjoy music, singing and would like to play the ukulele, we encourage you to visit our group and see for yourself how much fun the ukulele is.

It is not necessary to have a knowledge of music, nor do you need to own a ukulele, although many people have one as a souvenir of a visit to Hawaii. Local music stores rent ukuleles for a modest price and the purchase price is also reasonable.

The UOK group has many members who have a very good knowledge of music and some play more than one instrument. We also have some who are absolute beginners so if this sounds like you, have no fear, we have a few volunteer mentors who will help you get started. If you would like to learn to play the ukulele, please check out the Gemstone Jammers (under Programs and Classes).
  We endeavor to increase our knowledge and ability with the ukulele by hosting workshops and bringing in instructors with a wide variety of experience.

The Ukulele Orchestra of Kamloops enjoys sharing their music with others and are very active in the community.  There is no obligation to perform, but once you see how much the audience enjoys the music it makes it easy to do so. 

Why play the ukulele?

  • The ukulele is a very social instrument, people enjoy getting together to play and sing.
  •   Kamloops has a fun-loving and active ukulele group as do most cities.
  • All around the world you will find ukulele groups who regularly meet together.  So if you enjoy traveling and meeting people, be sure to take your ukulele with you. 
  • Music is good for your health, the ukulele will improve your mood!
  • The ukulele is a very versatile instrument and used in many music genres.
  • The ukulele is easy to play.
  • You do not have to read music to play the ukulele.
  • It's a happy instrument and quickly brings smiles to people's faces.
  • It's a great way to meet new people.
  • People are fascinated with the uke. 
  • Children love it.
  • Because it is small it's a good instrument to collect.  Most players are not satisfied to have just one ukulele.